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Every time I have to teach a child about colors, I cringe inside. It is one of many things I feel I am forced to lie about as a parent. There are so many shades and degrees and characters to any given color that I feel downright guilty declaring chartreuse and emerald to both be “green.”

This came into sharp relief the other day when Tim was wearing a dark navy blue shirt while riding an electric blue scooter and looking at a pale blue sky that were all declared by me to be the same color. How is a child supposed to process that information and get any sense of the color blue? Whitewashing (or “bluewashing”) the facts would seem to serve only to confuse the matter and delay progress.

The miracle is, of course, that they all figure it out somehow from this faulty and misleading mish-mosh of information, but I still can’t help feeling that there is a better way. Don’t know what it is, but still.

This is analogous to teaching our children about religion very early on, and finding ourselves hard-pressed to find a Bible story that is even fit for young ears! Noah’s Ark is the closest we come, but that only works if no one asks you, “But why did God make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights?”

Forget how much laundry I do and how many dishes I wash; this is the stuff that really gets to me.


Tough Call

After I deactivated Facebook, two things happened. One is that I found more room in my head instantly. I caught up with an old friend who is one of the many NOT on Facebook and started making plans about some of these other “housekeeping” projects that I’m preparing to launch, among other meaningful activities. The other thing that happened is that I received a letter from a cousin, in which she was thanking me for a baby shower present, but in which she also wrote a whole paragraph about how nice it has been to keep in touch on Facebook and to learn more about each other that way. I reactivated soon after I read that, but my heart wasn’t in it. I was still in the same predicament: logging in many times a day out of lazy habit, reading article after article instead of working on the business at hand. So I deactivated again. It felt too good to put that addiction to one side. Then I thought more about the reasons I first joined, and got hopelessly confused. I have been thinking about it today and have come to this decision: I will challenge myself to walk the line, and use self-discipline against my ogre-ish inclinations. I will check in twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, to catch up on the news. Perhaps then I can have the best of both worlds: keep in touch the modern way while still minding my more pressing affairs. I suppose it’s worth a try!

Mission Launch

I finally did what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: I copied my pictures into a Picasa web album (coming soon, if you’re interested) and deactivated my Facebook account. It’s something I have been wanting to do almost daily. Here are the pros and cons of Facebook for me:


  • Stay in touch with some people I wouldn’t be able to any other way.
  • Enjoy some good laughs daily from a variety of different funny people and sites I see in my newsfeed.
  • Vent and get advice.
  • Feel connected to people from my house in my pajamas while folding a load of laundry.


  • Don’t stay in touch with people in deeper ways (calling, seeing, writing)
  • Get on Facebook many, many times a day to avoid something I don’t want to do and then get lost in my newsfeed.
  • Feel unheard and misunderstood because I’m expecting too much from a social interface.
  • Avoid doing deeper things that are eating away at me because I’m not doing them: reading, writing, being quiet, praying.

So my efforts now will be focused on several things that will fulfill me rather than distract me. I hope to have myself together enough to enjoy Facebook in moderation and in the proper spirit at some point. For now, I’ve got some housecleaning to do. More on those projects later! Thank you for listening.

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