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I am going to introduce my family to a concept that I have finally shaped in my mind called “Discrete Time Units,” or DTUs. So often I am asked to find out about a possible activity or set up an activity or assist with some project that will require a CHUNK OF TIME, or DTU. To truly understand how a scooter is to be put together, I will need to be given time and space to study the directions (many times) and mess around with the device without interruption. Some things just warrant that kind of dedicated attention. We got an ice cream maker for a birthday present for the twins, and everyone is desperate to make ice cream. Well, I need some time to wash all the parts, plan re the ingredients, and read the directions. If you want to know if you can have some violin lessons, then I will need some time to do some research on that. Do you see? In the ever-swirling chaos that is summer vacation, nothing is going to get done — including the dishes and the laundry, let alone the bills and the shopping and the cooking — without some DTUs for Mommy.


Yoga and Roller Skating

Finally met my summer resolution today to start yoga. I guess the resolution should really be “consistently do yoga.” This is all toward the goal of getting my knee as strong as possible before taking up rigorous exercise again in the fall. It cannot be overstated how much better I feel when I am part of my beloved gym community.

I am trying to help both twins learn to roller skate, and that is pretty much impossible, I have to say. Two arms and one aching back aren’t cutting it. Anyway, I am reminding them about mountain pose in yoga, which is centered in the balls of the feet, and I think this is the place where balance happens. So I am glad that they have some yoga vocabulary, at least, but this has inspired me to add “do yoga with kids” to my summer bucket list!

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