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Circling Back

In my ongoing quest for organization, useful methods, and systems, I have uncovered yet another unfortunate fact (besides the one that keeps recurring, about me having no natural ability in this area). You have to GO BACK to areas you’ve already conquered. Otherwise, they build up AGAIN. This is so unfair! For example, I just decluttered and scrubbed and dug up and arranged the following corner of the kitchen FOR MANY, MANY HOURS last week. It was backbreaking, sweaty, life-sucking work. Here’s what that area looks like now:


Now lunch boxes and drink bottles and such all have a home. Trash bags have their place, and my cool pink tool box is even now fully loaded and easily reachable. It’s working out great so far. You are not going to believe this, but I did the same thing JUST TWO YEARS AGO!! Yes, and it already needs a re-do.

OK, I hear it. This is why the whole concept that I have to build in “circling back,” or upkeep, into the whole thing, has finally occurred to me. That kitchen system needs to be touched up nightly, weekly, or at some such frequent interval so I never have to do that project again. That will be the payout: I will never have to do it again.

So whenever I make that schedule for cleaning, circling back is going to be added in now. Lessons learned.


Third Party Therapy

Maybe I just never stumbled upon this quirk in my other children, but I do suspect it is, in fact, unique to Tim. A couple weeks ago, I discovered that I could have him do whatever I wanted if I had Lightning McQueen on his clock talk to him and tell him what HE does. For example: “I always let my mom and dad brush my teeth after I do it so I’m sure I get all the sugar bugs,” says Lightning. “OK!” says Tim, enthusiastically, opening his mouth wide. The fact that I am in the room clearly doing the voicing myself has no impact on believability for him. When we waited for hours the other day for our car to get worked on, he said at one point, “I wish I could talk to our car.” I promptly took the cue and said, “Hi, Timmy!” after which a half-hour long (and loud) Q&A session took place between Car and Tim. Today again, Tim decided he wanted to talk to all the squirrels within earshot in our yard. I obliged. Unfortunately, this conversation persisted on the later drive to Giant and throughout our time in the store. I tried to appear unembarrassed as I squeaked my answers to Tim’s loud, penetrating questions about the food preferences of squirrels, but it was a challenge to even my theatrical sensibilities. Right now I don’t know where this is going, but it would be a fascinating case study for a child psychologist, I am sure.

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