A roller coaster ride that never stops.

10 Miles

Every day, several times a day, I do three things:

1. Eat when I’m not hungry, mostly for temporary energy
2. Feel angry at myself for falling into bodily ruin
3. Brainstorm ways to get in shape that don’t hurt various injured parts, and come up empty

I have posted before about the yoga idea, but one flaw is that I can’t seem to make time for a solid yoga practice. It takes too many minutes at one time. You can do the 10- or 15-minute shows, but that’s not the real deal.

So I have been going round and round, but have finally found my solution for now! I will walk 10 miles a week, by hook or by crook, at the pace of 4 miles per hour. Thus, I will complete all 10 miles per week in just 2.5 hours total. I won’t be marathon-ready, but it will be something.

Most walking videos break brisk walks down into 15-minute miles, and include lots of upper body work, and I have all those supplies, so I think I may finally have found my answer! Low impact, efficient, and doable in a variety of ways.

Last night I did 1 mile, and this morning I did 2, so this week is moving along nicely, despite the hurricane.

This may be a solution that will work with my crazy life, and give me the energy that is slowly seeping from me. Hooray!


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