A roller coaster ride that never stops.

Teeth Again

I have mentioned before that teeth are being shed like mad around here, and I just noted that we are up to TWENTY-SEVEN teeth lost. Jane has lost more than half of those all on her own, and Tim has lost none, so I know we still have a long way to go. I can’t help but marvel at the pace of tooth-related activity. It really feels like it’s happening almost constantly. I have had many Tooth Fairy Malfunctions this summer, so I am trying to tighten up the performance here and get my magic back on. It’s really indicative of a system-wide failure. I am so very disappointed in how much fun and whimsy I CAN’T find this summer. Still not sure why, but I suspect that it has to do with needing to change my focus from “Preparing for Fall” to “Relaxing Expectations and Rolling with It.” I am hoping for an hour this busy weekend to stop the running and do a touch of big thinking at this midway point of the summer. If only we were at the midway point with teeth, but I fear there are many more 5am scrambles in my future.

Tomorrow night is toga night at the outdoor Shakespeare theater, and I think I will initiate a more lighthearted approach to the second half of summer by attending the theater in a sheet.


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